Moss: Book 2: the VR game will be released this month

L'anteprima di Moss Book II: Quill sta per tornare con tutta la magia del VR thumbnail

Get ready to put on the VR headsets because at the end of March Quill will be back in his attempt to save the world in Moss: Book 2.

Moss: Book 2 VR out March 31

The Polyarc development team announced just today that Moss: Book 2 will be officially released on 31 March 2022. There are only a few weeks left before resuming the daring adventures of that very nice mouse called Quill. It will be up to the players to help the rodent in his very important mission: to save the planet. The title will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, however, as it is a Virtual Reality video game, a compatible VR headset will be required to play.

Interviewed by NME, Josh Stiksma – head developer of the game – stated that the game will incorporate many of the features of the first chapter. The developer has also specified that the narrative will be less linear, but that players will be able to return to areas already visited to discover new narrative paths. In this regard, Stiksma stated that the game will include “many environments to explore”.

Just in these days we had the opportunity to preview Moss: Book 2. To find out – and see – more read our dedicated article published just a few hours ago.