Google’s transatlantic internet cable arrives in the UK

Il cavo transatlantico per internet di Google arriva in UK thumbnail

Grace Hopper, the huge cable for the connectedone internet from Google crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Bude, UK. Starting in New York, the submarine connection connects the United States with Bilbao in Spain and Bude for the British Isles. And according to Google it can manage “17.5 million people che guardano video in streaming a 4K”.

The Google cable crosses the Atlantic bringing the internet connection

Google’s very long and thick internet cable is part of what the executives of the Californian company call a “new generation ”of connection lines. Which can “connect continents along the ocean floor and provide an additional layer of security over that available on the public internet.”

Long approx 7000 kilometers, owes its name to computer scientist and Navy Admiral Grace Hopper. And it is Google’s fourth private submarine cable, which carries the 98% of international internet traffic worldwide.

Jayne Stowell, who oversees Google’s submarine projects, comments: “This cable is really necessary for the UK in particular, where many cables arrived in the 2000s, with the most recent being filed in 2003. Those cables are ending their life cycle. economic and technological. They cannot support the growth of transatlantic traffic that serves to keep us connected 24 hours a day:

Stowell further explains that: “This is a huge new cable. It has 16 pairs of fibre, where previous technology allowed a maximum of 8. Think of 17.5 million people streaming video in 4K and this is what Grace Hopper will be able to do ”.

The resort of Bude was chosen because it has both a quiet and isolated beach and all the necessary technological infrastructure. The cable will become operational from 2022.

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