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Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider, ecco la supercar

Combining the classic and timeless design of the T.33 with an even more exciting and engaging driving sensation, the T.33 Spider di Gordon Murray Automotive It is a one of a kind supercar. Thanks to the two roof panels that can be removed, the rear window that can be opened and the powerful Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine naturally aspirated positioned behind the seats, the T.33 Spider offers an open-top driving experience like no other. A truly outstanding supercar.

Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 Spider, the new supercar

The T.33 Spider shares the same ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque structure as the T.33. This guarantees one outstanding torsional stiffness for precise steering and nimble without adding unnecessary weight. Complying with GMA’s seven core principles, the T.33 Spider represents a new standard of excellence for convertible supercars.


GMA sets itself apart from other automakers with its unique approach to the design and engineering of its supercars. It doesn’t follow trends and it doesn’t chase sensationalistic performance numbers. Instead, the goal is to realize the original vision without compromise, in every detail.

Every element of every car is conceived and created according to the seven principles that guide the brand, which we translate as: Driving Perfection, Lightness, Art of Engineering, Premium Brand, Back to Beauty, Exclusivity and Personalized Customer Journey.

Professor Gordon Murray CBE said: “When I design a car, I imagine what it feels like to sit in it and what it feels like to drive. So, from the very first sketch, I knew that, with its open cockpit and incredible Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine right behind you, the T.33 Spider would offer a truly immersive driving experience. absolutely unlike anything else. And while remaining a mid-engined supercar, I would not accept compromises on usability: this is why the T.33 Spider is unique in the supercar sector in offering both a roof-mounted compartment and a boot capacity of 295 litres”.

Power and style


The beating heart of T.33 Spider is Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine, the same that animates its coupé counterpart. This engine entirely in aluminium it is the result of collaboration with Cosworth and follows the principles of motorsport to meet the precise needs of GMA. It’s lighter, more powerful per litre, higher revving, more responsive.

Building on the fundamentals of high-performance engine design, The 3.9-liter dry-sump unit has a 65-degree bank angle to optimize the space inside the monocoque.

Phil Lee, CEO of Gordon Murray Group, said: “The arrival of the T.33 Spider sees Gordon Murray Automotive firmly established as a global OEM. Customer deliveries of our Halo T.50 model, the world’s most driver-centric supercar, are expected shortly and the track-only T.50s will be in production later this year.”


You can find all the details of this supercar on the brand’s official website.

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