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Gotham Knights: surprise release in April?

Gotham Knights thumbnail release date leaked

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According to rumors leaked on the net, the release of Gotham Knights could take place as early as April: here’s what we know.

Gotham Knights out April 24?

Gotham Knights it may come out much sooner than expected. The rumors come from the discovery of a hidden Steam gaming test build and an Irish retailer. The latter has leaked a very specific date: April 24. Furthermore, NME reports that a “Gotham Knights Playtest” would have been uploaded (and immediately removed) on Steam. However on SteamDB it is still possible to see the icons and official artwork of the highly anticipated video game.

At the moment, however, everything is silent from the official front, and no release date has been confirmed. The impression is that, however, the launch will be sudden to create the surprise effect that – paradoxically – we all expect. For now we know the mysterious organization Court Of Owls will be the main antagonist of the game, as we could see in the cinematic trailer shared by DC FanDome in 2021.

Regarding the game mechanics, we know what the creative director said Patrick Redding: “Like any good RPG, we present you with a problem and a number of potential solutions. Players will have the opportunity to adopt their own style to face the obstacles of the gameplay ”.

Finally, it is rumored that the developer – Warner Bros. Montréal – is also thinking about a new Superman game.

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