Kingston Fury unveils new DDR5 SODIMM memory

Kingston Fury svela le nuove memorie DDR5 SODIMM thumbnail

Kingston FuryKingston’s gaming division announced the launch of the new DDR SODIMM memories. This is the new series Kingston Fury Impact which aims to characterize itself as an optimal solution for gamers and PC enthusiasts who, for some time, have been a performance step forward for RAM memories even in the most compact formats.

Kingston Fury’s new DDR5 SODIMM memory debuts

Kingston Fury’s new DDR5 SODIMM memory offers all the features of DDR5 memory in a particularly compact size. Compared to DDR4 there is a 50% speed increase which translates into a concrete improvement in gaming, rendering and multitasking applications. At the same time, there is low energy consumption and greater efficiency.

For users there is the possibility to focus on single modules that start from 8 GB and go up to 32 GB. Also noteworthy is the availability of kit from 2 up to 64 GB to further extend the memory capacity of your devices and take advantage of additional free slots. For more details you can consult the Kingston official website.

The company comment

Iwona Zalewska, DRAM business manager, Kingston EMEA, states, “We are thrilled to expand our line of high-performance DDR5 memory with Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMMs. Gamers and content creators can now experience the power of DDR5 on both desktop and laptop “