GP Batteries: si porta a case un Red Dot Award

The prestigious award awarded for the design of the ReCyko Pro charger by GP Batteries

As every year, the Red Dot Award is awarded to products that manage to summarize the highest design quality standards in a simple and rational way. All the products that compete for this recognition are chosen on the basis of three categories: product design, brand and communication design and concept design. Each award-winning product can carry the Red Dot label, distinguishing itself from the others as the best design in the world.

GP Batteries: si porta a case un Red Dot Award

GP Batteries vince ai Red Dot Award

It is an immense satisfaction for GP Batteries to receive the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2021 thanks to the battery chargers of the ReCyko Pro series. An international jury of product design specialists has chosen ReCyko Pro chargers and charger docks for exceptional design quality, ergonomics, robustness and reliability. Launched in 2020, the ReCyko Pro Charger range was created to recharge all rechargeable batteries, used in both consumer and professional environments, where fast charging is required.

Power and speed

Capable of charging two batteries in just 1.3 hours, the ReCyko Pro Charger offers maximum performance. Together with the docking station available for both 4 and 8 batteries, ReCyko Pro redesigns a new charging system unique in the sector. The characteristic vertical design saves valuable desk space and the functional two-color LED display allows you to program automatic shutdown and achieve total control and safety in a short recharge time.

The ReCyko Pro Charger Dock and its features advanced programming they take care of the batteries in an optimal way, through the integrated technology that is able to extend the life of the same. The detailed analysis of the conditions of each individual battery is carried out and it is possible to choose between six charging modes: from Fast Charging (1,3 ore) all’Eco Mode (4 ore). The charging status and all information are visible in real time on the integrated smart LCD display.

GP Batteries: si porta a case un Red Dot Award

Attractive design and performance

The ReCyko Pro Charger range has been featured on the Red Dot website and was also featured in the “Design on Stage” exhibition in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, where all the award-winning products are exhibited. The Dott. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot said:

The edition of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 was particularly impressive from the point of view of creativity. The design of the products is excellent, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality and it is not easy to stand out and conquer our jury. It is a sector where there are many competitors and the competition is very strong “.

Hamid Berkadi, head of product planning and design at GP Batteries, commented after the win:

To enhance the ReCyko Pro range and its charging performance combined with a host of advanced battery care features, we have developed a unique vertical design concept in its industry. We are committed to combining a product that incorporates elegant contours and finishes to appeal to the “prosumers” that the ReCyko Pro range of chargers are aimed at. We are very proud to have achieved such an important recognition as the Red Dot.

Gianpaolo Radrezza, Sales Manager Consumer Division, GP Batteries, afferma:

The consumer division of GPBM is committed every day to making products increasingly eco-sustainable and performing; we therefore focus a lot on the rechargeable battery sector. A product like ReCyko Pro Charger is undoubtedly an excellent tool to further concretize our concept of “rechargeable”, as well as being an object with modern lines and many features.

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