Gran Turismo 7: trailer dedicated to DualSense, 3D Audio and graphics

Gran Turismo 7 returns to whet the imagination of fans with a new trailer, entirely dedicated to DualSense, 3D Audio and production graphics

There is a lot of talk around these days Grand Touring 7, one of most anticipated PlayStation exclusives of the year, which was the protagonist of numerous rumors, more or less happy for fans of the brand. The most dramatic, videogame speaking, wanted the game to be the victim of yet another postponement, while others now give for sure a streaming event dedicated to the Polyphony Digital production. At the moment, a new trailer, through which the features related to DualSense, 3D Audio and game graphics.

Gran Turismo 7 showcases DualSense, 3D Audio and graphics in a new trailer

As for the new controller of PlayStation 5, as was to be expected, the use of adaptive triggers will go to replicate the feeling given by acceleration and braking, while in relation tothree-dimensional audio, the support will allow you to benefit from a even more immersive sound experience. And what about the graphic impact? Well, as you can see in the video that you find below, despite the numerous trailers released since the announcement, it is undeniable how the visual rendering is once again incredible. All of this will benefit from support for 4K with HDR, a frame rate that points to 60 FPS (on PS5), in addition to ray tracing, although this feature will be limited to replays.

In short, the new trailer dedicated to DualSense, 3D Audio and Gran Turismo 7 graphics it does nothing but make the wait that separates us from the more spasmodic next March 4th, the day when the title will be officially available on PS4 and PS5.

And of course, we at are eager (like you) to get our hands on it, so keep following us if you’re curious about our future impressions on it. And if, in the meantime, you are eager to get your hands on many games at a discounted price, we invite you to take a look at the offers on Instant Gaming.

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