Gran Turismo: the first video of the film arrives

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The film inspired by the famous video game Gran Turismo shows itself with a first adrenaline-pumping video: the details of the film

The relationship between cinema and video games has always been solid, even if often problematic. A new chapter in this controversial union will take place with the live action film of Gran Turismo, one of the already successful videogame sagas which is now also ready to land at the cinema. The franchise based on the famous driving simulator it expands, therefore, and also lands in the cinema after a whole series of successful video games that have dominated the motor-themed game sector since 1997. There is still quite a bit left to see the film, which in the meantime is already one of the most anticipated of 2023, at the cinema. The release date is scheduled forAugust 11th and, in the meantime, the live action of Gran Turismo comes with a video that increases even more the trepidation of the fans.

Gran Turismo: the details from the first video

The first video released on the net introduces, therefore, Gran Turismo. The film, as mentioned, to be released on August 11, 2023, bears the signature of Neill Blomkamp and the cast includes prestigious names such as David Harbour, Orlando Bloom and Archie Madekwe. The three were the protagonists of the first Gran Turismo video, introducing the film and explaining to the public some details of the making of the film. The film adaptation of the famous video game is inspired by the true story of the British pilot Jann Mardenboroughwhich in 2011 participated in the GT Academy television show which offered Gran Turismo players the opportunity to actually take to the track and which allowed Mardenborough to become a professional driver. Between true history and video games, therefore, Gran Turismo is ready to take the stage, waiting for new images and the first official trailer.

A very rich 2023

There will not only be Gran Turismo to abjure 2023, but the release of a large number of highly anticipated films is expected, from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie to the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t miss a single news.

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