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Grandma Skyrim to Todd Howard: “hurry up and finish The Elder Scrolls 6”

Shirley Currywhich uploads its own gameplay with the name to YouTube Nonna Skyrim, does not mince words with Todd Howard: “Hurry to finish The Elder Scrolls 6!“. The youtuber wants the chance to play TES VI and comment on it with her “grandchildren”, as she calls her fans.

Grandma Skyrim to Todd Howard: “Hurry to finish The Elder Scrolls 6”

Shirley Curry has become a famous streamer among fans of Skyrim and the whole saga of the Ancient Scrolls. Sure for her age (ha 86 years old) but also for the calm and kindness with which he also faces the most powerful dragon and the scariest lynch of Tamriel. So many fans wanted to meet her at PAX East, one of the biggest gaming events in the United States.

Among the many questions that fans have asked her is: “What would you say to Todd Howard if he were here in person”. And without losing its gentle tone, Granny Skyrim replied that she would say to the TES project leader: “Hurry to finish The Elder Scrolls 6“.

Also because for her and her fans there is one more reason to play the next chapter of the saga: one of the NPCs will have his featuresAnd. Bethesda had hosted her in 2019 to record some motion capture sessions to put her in the game. Although a recent mod has also put it in Skyrim.

Among other statements made, Nonna Skyrim said she wants to give other games a chance as well. Among them the other game from Bethesda Starfield, even if “First I have to see how it is”. Also, he would like to give a chance too Baldur’s Gate 3.

Fans await the announcement of The Elder Scrolls 6 per quest’estate, although the release may take a little longer. If we were already excited about the release of this new chapter, knowing that our favorite Grandma Streamer thinks like us raises expectations even more. And how can Todd Howard not listen to Nonna Skyrim? Hurry to finish it!

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