Great success for Lenovo’s Work for Humankind project

Grande successo per il progetto Work for Humankind di Lenovo con volontari da tutto il mondo thumbnail

The project Work for Humankindan initiative launched by Lenovo in collaboration with Island Conservation and the community ofisola Robinson Crusoe, has been a great success. Volunteers who have joined the project will travel to one of the most remote offices in the world on Robinson Crusoe Island to do their jobs thanks to technology.

Great success for Lenovo’s Work for Humankind

Over the past few months, Work for Humankind has registered thousands of applications with many interesting people to participate in the initiative. The project, at the end of a long selection, led to the choice of nine volunteers, including the Italian Simone Canova, digital copywriter. The other selected volunteers are:

  • Ligia Santossustainability analyst (Brazil)
  • Cynthia Mayerproduct manager e communication specialist (Francia)
  • Simon Wehnersustainability and future energy strategist (Germany)
  • Vivian Garcialecturer, animal welfare expert (Mexico)
  • Kay BromleyIT specialist and solution architect (UK)
  • Clinton Harmonscientific researcher and communication consultant in the medical-health sector (United States)

Work for Humankind

All hardware is provided by Lenovo

Lenovo will provide volunteers with all the hardware needed to carry out remote work activities, as required by the Work for Humankind project. PCs, laptops, portable workstations and servers will be provided to volunteers to complete the work activities. The Internet connection will be able to reach a maximum speed of 200 Mbps thanks to the innovations introduced by Lenovo to the network on the island of Robinson Crusoe.

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