Green gaming: games and videogames about saving energy

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By now the ecological transition affects all aspects of our lives. Can we also talk about green gaming then?

The need to take urgent measures to counter the negative effects of climate change is becoming more and more pressing, also involving sectors that few would have imagined, such as the world of video games. In recent times the concept of green gaming, intended as a sustainable approach to gaming, aimed at reducing the environmental impact and, last but not least, at promoting responsible behavior among players. THE energy saving games they also become, more and more, a tool for raising awareness and learning.

Green gaming: games and videogames about saving energy

Green gaming: what is it about?

Before we talk, in detail, about energy saving games, it is good to spend a few words to frame this phenomenon. The green gaming, substantially, has three polar stars which are: the reduction of energy consumption, the use of sustainable materials and awareness on environmental issues. So it’s not just about energy saving gameswhich are constantly increasing and sensitize small and less small having fun, but to adopt good practices that find the lowest common denominator in energy efficiency. Green gaming, in essence, it also means choosing certain gaming devices that have low energy consumption, opting for sustainable materials and rewarding companies that favor the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials. Finally, the green gaming it consists of a whole awareness-raising part that involves inserting information on eco-friendly good practices in the video games themselves. Practices that could also be useful for saving on bills (even if, in this case, there is the risk of opening a door to another issue, which we will not address and for which we refer to the page on electricity offers of

Green gaming: games and videogames about saving energy

Energy saving games

In recent times they have made their appearance more and more energy saving games, this precisely to make citizens more and more aware of how important it is to adopt good environmental sustainability practices. A valid example in this sense could be that of P&G, which has launched a video game called “Green Home”, which has the stated intention of teaching responsible consumption. The project has also seen the involvement of the WWF and consists in simulating the cleaning of the different rooms of the house, giving advice on good sustainability practices at each level. Then there are the real ones games for children on energy saving based on green gaming who manage to raise awareness by playing, a particularly happy and tested method, which has already led to concrete successes.

Games for children about saving energy

Even schools and institutions are already interested in working on the concept of green gaming. A valid example could be that of Green Game, the Educational Project of the National Consortia for the Collection, Recovery and Recycling of packaging, with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. It could be one of examples of games for children about saving energy more significant, and provides for the involvement of students with green-themed lectures and the possibility, via quiz, of winning prizes on a national basis. There are many games on energy saving, and they can also be played at home and in the family, thus starting to educate right away.

Green gaming: games and videogames about saving energy

Green gaming and energy saving

That the green gaming is an increasingly sensitive issue, it is also due to the fact that, currently, there are about a billion gamers in the world. The turnover, which until a few years ago measured 130 billion dollars, could reach 300 billion by 2025. There are many companies active in the sector that have already decided to use energy-efficient technologies to reduce 30 million tons carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. But it doesn’t end there, again in the name of green gaming, many video game companies are also starting to plant trees and improve, as far as possible, the management of packaging and device recycling. That’s all from the video games section, keep following us!

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