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Green Pass and QR Code: the risks associated with sharing

Pending the entry into force of the legislation on the mandatory Green Pass, ToothPic, an innovative startup made in Turin, aims to shed light on risks related to sharing the QR Code of your vaccination pass. Many users have shared the image of the QR Code on social networks, to “celebrate” obtaining the pass. This choice, however, exposes to considerable risks.

The risks associated with sharing the QR Code of the Green Pass

ToothPic wants to clarify, highlighting i risks of a rash sharing of the QR Code via social. The founders of the Turin startup, Enrico Magli, Diego Valsesia, Giulio Coluccia and Tiziano Bianchi, underline: “The QR code of the Green Pass contains a series of information such as name, surname, date of birth, tax code, number of vaccinations and any tampons to which you have submitted “

Among the operations most frequently perpetrated by hackers who come into possession of the QR Codes of unsuspecting users is identity theft. These codes can contain a lot of personal information and, therefore, should not be shared rashly. ToothPic founders continue:

“Sharing the QR code of your vaccination pass is not the only dangerous action that it would be better not to do lightly. It is also necessary to be very careful to read QR codes published by others, not necessarily linked to a Green Pass. QR codes, in fact, can lead us to click on links pointing to potentially malicious content “

Toothpic’s tips

Here you are four tips collected by Toothpic on the use of the QR Code:

  • Do not publish the QR Code of your vaccination pass on social profiles or with third parties unless strictly necessary
  • Show the Green Pass only to those authorized
  • Beware of apps you download to read QR Codes as they can hide malicious apps
  • Change your account credentials often

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