Jaguar’s Destination Zero in the City makes a stop in Rome

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Jaguar Land Rover Italy announced the second stage of the project Destination Zero in the City. The project in question aims at the exploration and development of an increasingly sustainable future mobility thanks also to the application of environmentally friendly technologies and renewable energies. After Milan, the stage of the Jaguar Land Rover Italia project is Roma.

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Guide Destination Zero in the City, made in collaboration with the publishing partner Zero Editions, point to tell the city realities with a sustainability approach. The eco-green community of Rome includes, in addition to the natural heritage, also other realities.

We find, for example, the reconverted architectural complexes such as Portuense 201 and the Pastificio Cerere, a former food industry reactivated by contemporary art. The city includes many realities that fall within this sustainability perspective such as Ala / 34, Talent Garden, La Santeria and RE (f) USE.

The Destination Zero in the City project is not limited to disclosure alone. Jaguar Land Rover Italia is committed in a concrete way thanks to theinstallation of charging stations at theocation eco-friendly cwith the aim of supporting the new lifestyle of the Roman community.

The guide to discover the city

Users, by connecting to the official site of the project, have the opportunity to download the guide dedicated to the city of Rome. It is a real eco-green urban guide designed by Jaguar with the aim of rediscovering the city of Rome in an eco-sustainable key. The project will make stops, after Rome and Milan, also in other Italian cities.

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