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Green pass: here’s how to have it at your fingertips on the iPhone

Green pass on iPhone: how to always have it at hand, to be able to show it every time someone asks us to show it?

The Io app does not yet give the possibility to insert the green certification in the Apple Wallet of iOS. But iPhone owners can rest assured: they will not be forced to always carry the paper copy of the document with them, which from August 6 will be mandatory in various circumstances.

Today a service allows you to add the green pass to digital wallets on the market, including Apple Wallet.

Let’s find out what it is. And let’s remember what will happen from Friday 6 August, when the obligation to always have the green pass with you to access a series of places and services will be triggered.

Green pass at your fingertips on iPhone

Those who have obtained the green pass and own an iPhone need not fear. He will not be obliged, every time he is asked to show the green certification, to rummage through the various apps, to search among screenshots, saved images and inbox.

A tool allows you to add the green pass to Apple Wallet. The service is called CovidPass and can be downloaded at this address. Let’s find out how it works.

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How CovidPass works

With CovidPass, a free and open source service, the green certificate will be added to the iOS Apple Wallet in the credit cards and boarding passes section. And anyone with an iPhone will be able to quickly access the document view.

Ma how to add the green pass to Apple Wallet? The procedure is really simple.

You will have to scan the QR Code by clicking on start camera or, after saving the image in the camera roll of the smartphone via the Immuni or Io app, click on select file. You will be able to choose the background color for the document that will be displayed in the Wallet. The colors available are white, black, gray, green, indigo, blue, purple and teal.

Finally, you will have to accept the Privacy Policy by checking the appropriate box and then click on Add to Wallet.

Once you have completed the procedure via Safari browser and added the certificate to the digital wallet, you will see the green pass in the wallet. Information about the date of vaccination, the place where it was carried out, the number of doses received and the type of serum administered will appear.

CovidPass e privacy

The green pass is created locally, no copy remains on the cloud or on the developer’s servers. Who, to reassure the transparency of the tool, has released some information on the service. Here they are:

  • The entire pass file generation process takes place locally in your browser. For the signing phase, only a hashed representation of your data is sent to the server.
  • Your data is not stored beyond the active browser session and the site does not use cookies.
  • No data is sent to third parties.
  • We transmit your data securely over https.
  • Our server is hosted in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • The source code of this site is available on GitHub.
  • By default, Apple Wallet subscriptions are accessible from the lock screen. This can be changed in settings.
  • The server provider processes the data to provide this site. To better understand what measures they take to protect your data, also read their privacy policy and the data privacy FAQ.


The alternative to CovidPass: the Stocard app

To get the green pass on iPhone there is another possibility: to download the Stocard app. In the application, mainly used to collect loyalty cards to be used in stores, it is also possible to add green certification.

It will be sufficient to open the app and with the + button manually add the green pass previously saved on the camera roll.

To add the certificate to Apple Wallet just click on the three dots at the top right and select Add to Apple Wallet from the menu.

Around 6 August

The date of August 6 is approaching. We remind you that from that day all the over 12s, except “those who have suitable medical certification”, will have to show the green pass in a number of places.

In a nutshell, the certification will be necessary to access indoor restaurants and bars, outdoor shows, museums, exhibitions, public competitions, festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses. And then spas, theme and amusement parks, cultural centers, social and recreational centers (for indoor activities), game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos. The green pass will also be mandatory for indoor sports activities.

The green certificate will be issued after the administration of the first dose only (two weeks after the serum inoculation) and its validity is set at 9 months.

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