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Krispy Creme: here are the new donuts inspired by Xbox

Krispy Creme, the American donut chain, has just launched a new line of sweets inspired by the Xbo consolex. This initiative stems from a collaboration with Microsoft to celebrate the console’s twentieth birthday and the sweets in question, which bear a bright green X, will be sold in England and Ireland starting from 2 August until 22.

Krispy Creme: Xbox inspired sweets

The donuts in question will not be equipped with CPU, GPU e SSDBut fear not, the company has assured that they will delight fans in other ways. In addition, as part of the marketing campaign set up for the collaboration it will be possible to win a mini Xbox. To participate in the draws, just buy a dozen donuts.

Also, as if that weren’t enough, Krispy Creme has declared that it will give a free one month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass for all those who purchase the twelve pack of sweets.. This new line of products is called Nexus Level and features the iconic green X of the console as a crank.

Obviously it could not be missed too a funny video dedicated to the partnership, in which we see some fictional Xbox staff members vouch for the quality of the donuts, as they devour them with relish in front of the screen. This is undoubtedly an unusual collaboration, and it is a pity that it is limited only to the English territory, on the other hand who would miss the opportunity to have a month of Game Pass plus twelve donuts?

Meanwhile, Microsoft is celebrating its recent sales milestones for its next generation consoles Xbox Series X and Series S which, according to what the company shared, are the Xbox consoles that have sold faster than ever, with a total gross of over 15 billion dollars.

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