Green Pass su Apple Watch: come si fa?

Green Pass su Apple Watch: come si fa? thumbnail

Since 2021 we have inherited the Green Pass. The Green Certification continues and will continue to keep us company during this new year, again in two versions: the classic Green Pass, also obtained with a rapid or molecular negative buffer, and the Super Green Pass, which is granted to vaccinated people with at least two doses and to those who have recovered from Covid-19.
So get ready to show your QR code again to enter bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and many other places, both indoors and outdoors. To speed up this new practice you can adopt a little trick: put the Green Pass on Apple Watch.

How to put the Green Pass on Apple Watch

Don’t despair. The procedure is very simple, it does not require special computer skills and not even hours and hours of time. In reality, it takes very little to put your Green Pass on Apple Watch.

What do you need? Let’s make a very short list:

  • Apple Watch (any generation);
  • iPhone (the one connected to the Watch);
  • app Wallet (pre-installed on the iPhone);
  • Green Pass o Super Green Pass.

The procedure

Once you have gathered everything you need, you will have to take the smartphone from Apple and visit the CovidPass website. Once here, you will have to decide if photograph the QR code or upload a file, which can be the screenshot of the Green Pass itself or the pdf version. If you opt for the upload it will be necessary to previously download the file – photo or pdf – on the iPhone and then go to the dedicated site.

The second step is even simpler: you just have to choose the background color of your certificate, choosing from 15 different shades. It seems a superficial operation but it will help you to distinguish the Green Pass at a glance from the other documents you have in your wallet, typically credit cards and boarding passes.

At this point you just have to check the item “I accept the Privacy Policy” and then click on Add to Wallet.

We remind you that the Wallet app is available on both iOS and Apple Watch, then at the end of the procedure you can show your QR code using the watch, without the need to open Immuni, Io or the last screenshot captured.
All this then helps speed up the Green Pass check and to make this now indispensable verification less cumbersome.

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