In 2021 BMW returned to the top of the premium category: overtaken Mercedes

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Although what has just passed has been a year full of difficulties for the automotive world, there are some realities that after a very hard 2021 are smiling again. An example? BMW: in 2021, the Bavarian Group achieved the best annual result in its history, with over 2.5 million vehicles sold with the brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. The result was achieved thanks to a large range, containing a strong offensive with electric vehicles but still an important focus on thermal models. Feedback is important not only in personal terms, but also in absolute terms. Thanks to a solid 2021, in fact, the BMW brand is back in first place for sales among the premium housessurpassing their fiercest rival Mercedes-Benz e Audi.

BMW Group sales in 2021: over 2.5 million cars sold, and BMW overtakes Mercedes

The semiconductor crisis, the always worrying health situation and the enormous contractions of world markets seemed to put 2021 on the same level as 2020: a year of contractions, of suffering waiting for a brighter future. In reality, however, the BMW Group found a record year in 2021, with sales never seen in the history of all the brands of the Bavarian Group formed by BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad. “Despite the difficulties encountered in terms of supplies and due to the pandemic, we have obtained aexcellent sales performance in 2021. The credit goes to a powerful operational activity and a stellar product line. ”, Said Peter Nota, member of the Board of Directors of BMW. “Our brands have reported record sales results worldwide. With more than 100,000 fully electric vehicles sold last year, our focus has been on enhancement of electromobility.“

BMW has indeed achieved his best result ever. In 2021, the Munich Group delivered 2,521,525 vehicles worldwide, for a net growth of 9.1% compared to last year. Even compared to 2019, the best year in the history of the Group, there has been a clear growth, according to the leaders of Monaco. For the Bavarian giant, therefore, 2021 will be a year to remember for the records obtained in all its divisions. Furthermore, for the BMW brand in particular, 2021 was a year full of satisfactions. La Casa dell’Elica has seen growth in its sales in all markets in which it is present, includingItaly, where BMW X1 was the best-selling premium car in our country, and among the compact class C the 1 Series overtook Mercedes A-Class and Audi A3.

And it is in fact against its bitter enemies that BMW has pulled the winning paw. In fact, in the course of 2021 BMW is back on the top step of the podium for premium automobiles after 5 years of absence. In the year just ended, in fact, iThe BMW brand alone has totaled over 2.2 million vehicles sold, against approximately 2.0 million for Mercedes. In third place, for some years now, it remains Audi, which despite huge investments remains at just under 1.7 million cars sold. Also at Group level, BMW has put the arrow on Daimler-Benz: due to the vertical decline in sales of the smart brand, in fact, the Daimler Group does not exceed 2.1 million, remaining behind by over 400,000 units compared to BMW.

The 2021 trends for the BMW Group: EV sales doubled, and record numbers for Mini, Rolls and BMW Motorrad

How did BMW return to the top of premium brands in 2021? The merit lies in its called strategy “Power of Chioce”, the strength of the Group for years. This strategy aims at offer all power supplies currently on the market, from petrol and diesel to hybrids, electric and mild hybrids. This allows BMW to be the answer for a greater number of customers, without leaving any possibility in the background.

This tactic proved to be very valid, as all of the Group’s brands reported annual growth. Regarding BMW, in addition to the excellent results worldwide, it is worth mentioning the growth in China, the United States and Europe. But above all, the absolute primacy among the brands obtained in Belgium: although Belgium is not a key market from a global perspective, BMW was for the first time the favorite manufacturer of an entire country.

2021 was also very favorable in the world of electricity. THEThe BMW Group has in fact more than doubled the sales of electric vehicles in one year: the 328,316 electric cars produced indeed mark an impressive +70,4%. All the electric models of the Group have brought excellent results: one in 10 BMW X3s in the world is an iX3, and more than one in 3 MINI is a MINI Electric. Even the i3, a model with a 10-year career under its belt, has seen growth, and with 28,600 units sold it has achieved its best year in terms of sales.

Among the individual brands, MINI delivered 302,144 vehicles in 2021, for a growth of over 3%. Specifically, 17% of the cars produced were electric, and in fact the MINI 3 Porte Electric recorded a growth of 98%. From very small to unbridled luxury, 2021 was a record year for the Rolls-Royce brand. The British House has indeed delivered well 5,586 cars during the past year. In the 117 years of life of this legendary brand, such high numbers had never been reached.

But between electrification and luxury, there was also room for emotions in this incredible BMW 2021. Be BMW Motrorrad, the brand dedicated to the two wheels of the Group, which the sports division M, they scored record numbers. Staying on the four wheels, they have been 163,542 M-brand cars produced in 2021, for a growth of 13.4%. The credit goes to the incredible sports cars launched this year, such as the new M3 and M4, but also to the company’s “Lite” models. BMW X3 M40i, M340i and all non-extreme M versions of the 4 Series have achieved excellent results on the market. The M brand is then destined for even greater growth, with the arrival in dealerships of the i4 M50 and iX M60 electric models.

Finally, the world of Bavarian motorcycles and scooters also got the best result in its history. With ben 194,261 units, BMW Motorrad improved the 2020 results by 14.8%. The merit is of a complete and multifaceted range, but above all of the bestseller of the house, the legendary one 1250 GS, which alone brought in over 60,000 units sold for BMW Motorrad.

After a triumphal 2021, will BMW be able to repeat it again in 2022?

If for many manufacturers 2021 was a year to quickly forget, BMW achieved the best results in its history. Thanks to an important work on new technologies, but without forgetting the thermal engines that have made BMW a myth of this world, the Bavarian house is enjoying the results of its work. But, we’re sure, only for a few days. After a triumphal 2021, in fact, everyone expects a 2022 that follows this positive trend, first and foremost BMW itself. The challenges that await the House this year will be many.

There are many models coming to the market, such as the new 2 Series, the revamped 2 Series Active Tourer and the revamped X1. The new 7 Series and its electric counterpart i7 will then be presented, and the i5 (5 Series EV) and iX1 will arrive. Even MINI, with the new Countryman and the specter of the new MINI Hatch in the background, BMW M with the new XM and BMW Motorrad with new electric models will not stand by. Who knows if the first zero-emission Rolls-Royce will arrive later … But surely BMW will do all it can to stay on the top step of the podium among the premium models also in 2022. And you? What do you think? Are you happy with this result achieved by BMW? Let us know below in the comments.

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