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Green Passes in the name of Adolf Hitler are in circulation

According to some recent updates, some have been stolen in Europe useful keys to generate the Green Pass. And, as if that weren’t enough, they would have been used to spread fake certifications. At the moment, however, we still don’t know what the real number of invalid documents is out there. What is certain is that the theft did not take place in Italy. Sogei, the company that provides the code to generate the certifications, has not suffered any cyber attack. But something far more disconcerting happened.

Green Pass: a certificate issued in the name of Adolf Hitler

Already from the late evening of yesterday, news relating to a Green Pass in the name of Adolf Hitler, born on January 1, 1900. At 10.30 pm yesterday, in fact, on Twitter the Reversbrain account shared a series of comments regarding the story: “I think that the keys used to sign the Covid EU digital certificate, at least in Italy, are leaked in some way “. Adding: “If the leak is confirmed it means that the fake UIe Covid certificate can be counterfeited by anyone”.

The news, then, was confirmed this morning, when it came to light that the certificate was issued by the French body “Cnam – Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie” last October 25th. But that’s not all. Apparently there is another Green Pass in circulation in the name of Adolf Hitler, born on January 1, 1930. In this case, it would appear that the vaccine administered to him in Poland would be produced by “Janssen – Cilag international”. At this point, it is evident that the keys to generate the certifications have been stolen.

“At a first analysis it seems that the private keys used to sign the Green Passes, a kind of stamp used to validate the documents, have been stolen. The solution would be an inversion of those keys that would invalidate all generated passes, and a re-imprint of them “. So he confirms Stefano Zanero, expert in the sector, who argues that the circulation of certificates in the name of Adolf Hitler is a demonstration act.

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