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Green technology: EcoFlow launches 3 smart devices to live sustainably

The manufacturer of renewable energy solutions EcoFlow launches three new smart devices for a sustainable lifestyle both at home and on the road. Blade, Glacier e Wave 2 are the brand new battery-powered portable devices that combine utility and innovation in an eco-sustainable way.

Innovative ideas to help the environment

There are countless ways to help protect the environment and the climate in everyday life. At home and on the go, it is possible to adopt some eco-friendly solutions that are good for us and for the planet. Technology is also making great strides in this direction, with increasingly green and functional innovations.

EcoFlow power stationEcoFlow designs innovative smart devices to live better and more sustainably, such as portable power stations or solar-powered home devices.

EcoFlow: smart devices and sustainability

EcoFlow is a company specialized in the production of portable devices that exploit theenergy green thinking of an innovative way of living both at home and outdoors. At the last CES, EcoFlow presented three new battery-powered smart devices, obtaining 15 patents.

Blade, Glacier e Wave 2 born from the idea of ​​providing high performance in an efficient way from an energy and environmental impact point of view. The three latest generation devices use battery-powered technology for domestic activities and for outdoor life, also obtaining awards at CES 2023.

Blade: the garden robot with collection system

EcoFlow Blade is the first intelligent lawnmower capable of cleaning up the home garden in an automated way. It is a robot equipped with collection system e integrated camera, which collects debris on the lawn by recognizing obstacles and avoiding them. Available from April 26, Blade is sold with a 3+1 year warranty and free replacement of accessories without time limits. It is also equipped with eSim and 4G, so you never lose track of its precise location.

How EcoFlow Blade works

The Blade gets the job done with an integrated camera, advanced LiDAR sensor, and real-time X-Vision (RTK) kinematic navigation. The robot locates twigs and leaves on the lawn, collects them and finally deposits them in a pre-established point. Blade’s technology is developed based on gods virtual borderswhich allow them to work independently. Users can establish the perimeter that delimits the Blade activity area through thethe EcoFlow app, gem that makes this device unique. The latest generation systems also allow Blade to avoid obstacles and overcome obstacles up to 40 mm in height. All this without human intervention and without damaging the lawn.

EcoFlow BladeBlade is a lawn mower that uses advanced robotics and uses green energy to clean up the garden.

Because EcoFlow Blade is a sustainable smart device

Blade is the world’s first robotic lawnmower that collects grass clippings through advanced robotics. leverage thebattery power operating autonomously and simplifying maintenance by users. Blade technology does not pollute, saves time and achieves a clean and effective result. Along with Glacier, Blade is a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honorees.

Glacier: the eco-friendly portable fridge-freezer

EcoFlow Glacier it is a super innovative device, able to offer excellent performance and ideal for outings. Available for purchase from April 26, Glacier is a fridge-freezer with integrated ice machine and removable battery. It is equipped with Eco Mode and capable of being recharged even with solar energy.

EcoFlow GlacierGlacier is an eco-friendly portable fridge-freezer that offers 40 hours of refrigeration on a single charge.

What EcoFlow Glacier does

Glacier is a revolutionary fridge-freezer equipped with a 298Wh removable battery. With a single charge, the range of Glacier is 40 hours refrigerated or 19 hours below freezing. It can prepare 18 ice cubes in just 12 minutes and can cool and freeze simultaneously thanks to two compartments with independent controls. Equipped with a powerful compressor, this eco-friendly smart device from EcoFlow can cool from 30°C to 0°C in just 15-20 minutes in “Max” mode. Alternatively, efficiency can be prioritized in “Eco Mode”, saving energy and preserving a longer range.

EcoFlow Glacier: a multifunctional green smart device

With its potential and a smart and ecological use of energy, Glacier is ideal for trips on the road. In addition to keeping drinks and food fresh for a long time, it can work as a portable charger for small devices such as laptops and phones. It is also equipped with wheels and a folding handle to be transported easily. Finally, Glacier can be recharged via electricity, AC, solar panels and power stations, making it an excellent off-grid solution.

Wave 2: the top of outdoor air conditioning

For those who don’t want to give up comfort during outdoor trips, there is EcoFlow Wave 2the battery cooling and heating system fastest in the industry. Second generation of EcoFlow’s Wave series, this portable smart device offers the best both on hot summer days and during the coldest winters. Wave 2 will be available for purchase starting May 15th.

Innovation and comfort outdoors

Wave 2 differs from its predecessor with a capacity of 6100 BTU and an effective area of ​​10 m2. It is also more manageable and easy to carry thanks to the reduced size of 22% and presents a series of novelties. The additional 1.159Wh battery guarantees an autonomy of up to 8 hours, offering great performance in both summer and winter. Naturally, you can monitor Wave 2 performance and uptime through the EcoFlow app.

Wave 2 and clean energy

Wave 2 is the result of EcoFlow’s experience in the world of clean energy and smart devices, ensuring comfort at home and on the road in an eco-sustainable way. Presents different modes, including Eco, Sleeping and Fast and recharges via AC, DC, power stations and solar panels. Connecting it to an EcoFlow power station you can get up to 18 hours of energy. Or you can opt for solar input up to 400W, preferring an even more eco-sustainable mode.

EcoFlow smart deviceEcoFlow’s three new smart devices were officially unveiled on April 26 during a live streaming event.

How to buy the new EcoFlow smart devices

It is possible to buy Blade, Glacier and Wave 2 on the official EcoFlow website and on Amazon. Blade and Glacier are available from April 26, while Wave 2 will be available from May 15. The company offers the possibility to purchase gods bundle for all three devices or separate additional batteries for Glacier and Wave 2. The Blade Collection Kit is also sold separately or included in the full bundle.

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