GTA 6: according to an insider, development is in chaos, trouble on the horizon?

GTA 6: secondo un insider lo sviluppo è nel caos, guai all'orizzonte? thumbnail

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated video games ever, also thanks to the resounding success it has had GTA 5 Online, which has been able to keep fans busy for eight years. At the moment Rockstar Games has not yet announced anything regarding the sixth chapter of the series, but it is very likely that a reveal is now imminent. Recently, however, an insider has dampened the enthusiasm, explaining that the development of GTA 6 would currently be in chaos and that the result could disappoint fans.

GTA 6: development in chaos according to an insider

The AccNGT insider, usually reliable as far as the Rockstar ecosystem is concerned, shared some of his concerns about GTA 6. In the first instance, the leaker revealed that the development of the sixth installment of the series is currently extremely chaotic, although he did not specify which aspect of the production he was referring to exactly.

Secondly, the user stated, without too many words, that GTA 6 could prove to be a disappointing product for fans. The insider pointed out that in this he was not referring to the graphics of the game, but rather to other aspects of the title. This statement also aligns with recent rumors that GTA 6 would be a predominantly online video game.

Finally, to conclude on a further worrying note, AccNGT explained that if the game will be announced in 2021 (an eventuality to be ruled out by now) or in the first months of 2022, then there would really be a hand in the hair., alluding to the fact that GTA 6 is not at the point of development that can be revealed to the public and that the software house could try to “force your hand”.

In short, this is not the best news we could receive regarding a long-awaited project, so the hope is that it is unfounded rumors. It must also be said, however, that Rockstar would not be new to troubled development phases, just think of that of Red Dead Redemption 2, therefore the possibility is not to be excluded a priori.