GTA Online: bonuses, double and triple money and new co-op mode

I bonus di questa settimana su GTA Online: arriva anche una nuova modalità co-op thumbnail

Here Comes Couple Work: A New Co-op Experience in GTA Online – Check out all the weekly double and triple money bonuses. Also available the new Nagasaki Shinobi.

GTA Online: all the news of the week including bonuses and new content

As every week, the updates of GTA Online, which they present to us exclusive discounts and bonuses on certain activities. This week, in particular, there is also new content, but let’s go in order. Let’s start by saying that the brand new business Couple work (in co-op with a friend) will be worth Triple GTA$ and RP For the whole week. Simply by starting the mode you will get it 200.000 GTA$, which will be credited within 72 hours. But what is Couple Work? Here’s how Rockstar Games describes it, with its inimitable style:

“Teamwork is a new co-op Adversary mode in which you’ll be able to take on the role of Franklin and Lamar as they try to survive a brutal confrontation in tight spaces, and is now available in GTA Online. Work in pairs and use the arsenal of weapons at your disposal to get rid of the attackers intent on shooting you with sawn-off shotguns. He then plays the enemy and attacks the couple as they desperately try to defend their territory. “

Among the innovations introduced also comes the Nagasaki Shinobi: an agile, powerful and more aggressive bike than a mad dog. A true work of art to be caressed with adoration and pushed to its limits. To buy it, just go to the Legendary Motorsport website.

Double GTA $ & RP on Activities and Triple Wages for Associates and Guards

One of the clues to Dr. Dre’s stolen songs leads directly to a party at a mansion in Rockford Hills. You’ll need to drop into the party first to enter the party and find the source of the music, then coordinate with Franklin and Imani for the draw. You will earn Double GTA $ & RP in the final Data Leak mission in high society, which will also include Dr. Dre’s track “The Scenic Route,” throughout the week.

After completing Dr. Dre’s VIP contract, go to the Record A Studios smoking room and relax with Franklin and LD: Complete a Busted Trip to receive the Pastel Green Tuxedo Jacket as an added bonus.

Don’t forget that a good entrepreneur knows how to calculate his risks well. Take advantage of an opportunity: answer the phone and complete them Online Murders for Franklin to earn Double GTA $ & RP. Plus, by becoming CEO, your guards and associates will receive triple salaries through January 19th.

Vehicle bonuses: podium cars, auto rally and discounts

LS Autoraduno members who finish in the top two places in the clandestine racing series for five consecutive days will receive the keys to a Dinka RT3000. Also at the Autoraduno, but in the test area, it will be possible to get behind the wheel of the cars Obey Tailgater S, Vulcar Warrener HKR e Karin Sultan Classic.

Moving on to the Casino instead Diamond will be able to spin the lucky wheel that this week offers the chance to win one Ocelot Jugular, a sports sedan that hides an incredible engine under the hood.

Finally, the most anticipated bonuses of GTA Online: the discounts. Here are the weekly discounters:

VIP Solutions Agency: 25% discount on purchase and customizations. In addition, the frequency jammers and remote control units for vehicles from The Contract are discounted by 30%. By the way, the Dewbauchee Champion it is available with 30% discount: park it in your garage (eh, yes: those are also discounted by 30%).

Here is the complete list of offers and discounts on vehicles:

  • 30% su Dewbauchee Champion
  • 40% su Abundance Autarch
  • 40% are Karin Previon
  • 40% su Ocelot Lynx
  • 40% on Declasse DR1
  • 40% with Ocelot R88
  • 35% su Progen PR4

Finally, GTA Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive 100.000 GTA$ just for logging into the game.