GTA Online: Bonuses on Nightclub Activities Are Coming

GTA Online: i night club sono i protagonisti del nuovo evento thumbnail

GTA Online has just launched a new limited-time event that allows us to celebrate big thanks to bonuses on nightclub activities. 50% extra revenue for night clubs, Double the popularity and production speed of the nightclub warehouse, quadruple rewards in Over the Line, and more.

GTA Online: New event coming up with night clubs as protagonists

When the sun goes down, the atmosphere in Los Santos becomes special: the citizens become true revelers and melt their worries in a sea of ​​sweat on the packed dance floors scattered throughout the city. This is great news for anyone running a night club.

This week, the promotion missions will double in popularity and you will receive the 50% more daily income in your safe. Plus, your warehouse production speed is doubled – you’ll be able to run crazy sales much faster.

This week i CEO Registered people who own a nightclub can repel attacks from the most jealous enemies with a security boost with one 40% discount. Executives can also upgrade office accommodation and add a bed with 30% discount, while those who prefer a wilder life can purchase an MC clubhouse for 30% discount.

Open Road and Beyond the Line

Also, if you are ready to join the network Open Road, you will make a lot of money. Yesterday’s price is not today’s price for the motorcycle club factories. Completing the Centauri Sell Missions will earn 50% more GTA $ & RP.

Bikers who complete a sales mission later in the week will receive a pair of green square sunglasses. Plus, when you complete a Special Cargo Sell Mission, you will receive the Hypnotic white tuxedo jacket and completing a Gunrunning sell mission will get you the white Vom Feuer cap for free.

GTA Online night club

Engage in fierce competition between teams in Beyond the line: The goal is to get all your team members to the back of the enemy camp at the same time. Regardless of the outcome, the brave participants will earn Quadruple GTA $ & RP for the whole week.

Visit the test area to try theErmbermacht Revolter, the Enus Jubilee and the Vulcar Warrener HKR. Use them to challenge opponents in the Corse ai checkpoint or race against the clock in a Time Trial, all for free, with no worries. Finally, visit the atrium of the Diamond Casino and Resort and take a spin on the lucky wheel. The top prize of the week is the Benefactor Schlagen GT, the stunning German roadster with personality and elegance that slowly rotates on the podium.