GTA Online: Weekly Bonuses April 30, 2022

I bonus di questa settimana su GTA Online thumbnail

Extra Rewards and Discounts: April ends with a flourish in Los Santos, with weekly bonuses exclusive to GTA Online.

This Week’s GTA Online Discounts, Bonuses, and Offers

GTA$ e RP extra:

  • + 50% on the sale of special cargoes and the bunker (arms trafficking)
  • Double GTA $ & RP on customer activity for Paige (you must have a Terrorbyte, which is 30% off at Warstock Cache & Carry this week).
  • Triple GTA $ & RP on Activities Sumo (Remix) e I play on the street

Autoraduno LS:

  • In the test area it will be possible to get behind the wheel of: Test Dewbauchee Champion, Lamped Tigon and Ocelot Jugular.
  • Prize Vehicle of the Week: Pegassi Zentorno. To win it, you will need to be in the top three in the series of chases for 5 days in a row.



Wheel of Fortune podium vehicle at Diamond Casino:

30% discount on the following properties and vehicles:

  • All offices
  • Bunker
  • Night club
  • MC establishments
  • Terror byte

Finally, we remind you that by linking your Twitch Prime account to the Rockstar Social Club you will receive GTA $ 100,000 free this week.

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