GTA Online: What you need to know about the new The Contract DLC

Trailer e dettagli di The Contract: il nuovo DLC di GTA Online in uscita il 15 dicembre thumbnail

Here comes the official trailer for The Contract, the new DLC for GTA Online that will be released on December 15th. There’s Franklin too, straight from story mode!

The Contract: Franklin trailer arrives on GTA Online

December is always an interesting month for GTA Online, as Rockstar Games usually releases major free DLCs before Christmas. After all, last year the update Cayo Perico literally revolutionized the game. But what’s in store for this year? Soon said: on December 15th, fans will be able to download The Contract DLC, which includes new online content: among these also Franklin, which directly from the story mode comes to Los Santos online.

The DLC will introduce us to F. Clinton and Partner, a new celebrity solutions agency that caters to the Vinewood elite. In short, the rich people who need solutions to the problems of high society. But Franklin needs two things: a reliable partner and an important customer. For contacts, he can count on Lamar – another character straight from the story – will you be the business partner he desperately needs?

Here’s how Rockstar Games described the new DLC:

Get ready for a wild and exhilarating ride through Los Santos, from the seedy streets of the old Franklin neighborhood to the sexiest parties in town, from debauched mansions to FIB offices and beyond, as you join Franklin, expert hacker Imani, at Chop the Dog and the team to secure Dr. Dre’s precious tunes and return them to their rightful owner.

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