Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: “Presence of Spirit” online tournament

The only Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament to allow the use of Spirits is back: we have a strategy to suggest to you to win!

After the event dedicated to Scepters and sticks, in the midst of an uncertain future the only one returns online tournament from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to implement the equipment of the various Spirits. Held initially in October two years ago, “Presence of Spirit“Encourages us to take full advantage of the teams of Spirits that we have equipped during the course of the Adventure mode, The Star of Hope. However, there is a strategy that few may have thought of, and that is why we would like to propose it to you, albeit one day later than usual for reasons related to the holidays.

The only Spirit with a commanding presence in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament

As the only particularity of this online tournament is the inclusion of the Spirits, theentire roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is playable. The same discourse also applies to scenarios, which will not have to undergo any skimming whatsoever. For this reason, the event will follow the same rules Always: two-and-a-half-minute timed scrums, with medium appearance of tools and Final Smash Bar active. The only difference this time is that (in fact) the Spirits will be included. The event will be held starting tomorrow, Friday 10 November 2021, at seven in the morning, and will end at the same time on Monday 13.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

As for the strategy in question, you will have to proceed in the adventure mode just enough to unlock Ryoma’s Dojo. Make sure you have obtained one of the Class Spirits first Legend most difficult of the whole game, that is Akuma from Street Fighter, and use the snacks to get him to level 99. Use Ryoma’s Dojo to further increase Akuma’s already immense attack power and equip the resulting Spirit. Unless your opponents have thought of it too, you should have a fighter on your hands deadly. Just pay attention to the competition: some Spirits allow you to start a battle with an instrument already in hand.

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