GTA Remaster: the collection may not arrive until 2022

GTA Remaster: la collection potrebbe non arrivare fino al 2022 thumbnail

The alleged GTA Remaster collection may not arrive until 2022, according to leaker Tom Henderson. In a recent tweet, Henderson said he originally had no intention of disclosing information about the trilogy, as he had no unpublished information about it. He then added that the 2021 launch window mentioned in a Kotaku report would not match what his sources found.

Is GTA Remaster coming in 2022?

Kotaku recently suggested that the Remaster Collection be developed by Rockstar Dundee, a studio that previously worked on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. We remind you in this regard that the collection should consist of GTA III, GTA Vice City e GTA San Andreas, that is the titles of the PlayStation 2 era in the series.

According to Kotaku’s editors, the remaster’s launch is scheduled for late October or early November, but Henderson seems to think otherwise, and is convinced that we’ll have to wait until early 2022.

It should be noted that the relationship of Kotaku says Rockstar’s focus is currently on console porting, which could mean that the mobile and PC versions will be moved to 2022, while the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions will arrive in the fall.

In all of this Rockstar has yet to officially confirm the existence of a remastered trilogy, given that for the moment the information on this collection remains so, even if it starts to get particularly noisy. With the 20th anniversary of GTA III coming in October, there is a possibility that the software house has planned some sort of surprise launch, but until we get news from Rockstar or 2K, this elusive remaster remains largely shrouded in uncertainty.

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