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Facebook presents Horizon Workrooms VR meetings

Facebook has decided to revolutionize smartworking. And he wants to do it with his virtual reality (VR) headset, Oculus Quest 2. Facebook presents indeed Horizon Workrooms, the new collaboration experience that allows you to hold meetings from all in the same virtual room, even thousands of miles away.

Facebook Horizon Workrooms allows you to hold meetings in VR

Workrooms revolutionizes the collaboration experience. In fact, it allows people to get together to work in the same virtual room, regardless of physical distance. It can also be used on the web, to be accessible to all. But it is in virtual reality that makes the most of its potential. Take full advantage of the VR immersion, whether it’s getting together for a brainstorm or a whiteboard, work on a document, hear updates from the team, meet and socialize. A real virtual workplace.


Workrooms uses some of our best new technologies for the first time in a single experience on Quest 2. For example the desk and keyboard tracking in mixed-reality, the tracking of the mano, it remote desktop streaming, the integration of videoconferencing, spatial audio and the new ones Avatar Oculus. A true mix between your office and the digital room, which unleashes the power of metaverso that Facebook is building.

The features of Workrooms

Facebook has introduced some very peculiar innovations in its virtual workplace:

  • You can bring your keyboard, PC and even your desk into VR. This way you can write without removing the viewer, taking notes during the meeting without missing a single letter.
  • Spatial audio they avatar they help you feel inserted into the conversation, which doesn’t just come from your PC speaker but really surrounds you.
  • The virtual whiteboard allows you to share projects more easily. You can not only write and draw but also share images from your PC. And once you’re done working, you can export it to wash us out of virtual reality as well.
  • You can configure the rooms based on the task to be performed, so that they are functional to the maximum: they can be different depending on whether you brainstorm or update the team’s work.
  • Anyone who does not have a headset at hand can simply join in video call. They are supported up to 16 people in VR and 50 people in total.
  • You can share notes, files and synchronize Outlook and Google Calendar to always be operational.

To start taking advantage of this new and innovative service, all you have to do is connect to this address. One time subscribers, download the application Horizon Workrooms from the Oculus Store on your Quest 2. If you have any doubts you can always take advantage of the FAQ made available by Facebook.

Smart working meetings are about to change forever.

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