GTA Trilogy: The official launch of the trilogy is set for November 11th

Rockstar updates its online store with the official launch date of the new GTA Trilogy, remastered of the three most loved chapters

Rockstar Games has updated its online store providing the public with the official launch date of the awaited GTA The Trilogy, remastered containing GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City. Get ready to relive the most epic moments of the GTA saga starting inNovember 11th. The American development house had to adopt one strategy emergency communication in recent days. After the manifold rumor e leak on the collection and the silences of Rockstar, the company was forced to announce it officially but without revealing others details about.

The official launch of the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition will take place on November 11, 2021

To honor the twentieth anniversary of the saga, Rockstar will release a special edition containing three of the more chapters loved ones from GTA. The official launch of the GTA Trilogy will take place in two distinct moments, theNovember 11th for digital editions, the December 6 for the physical ones. The game will cost 59 euro for old gen versions and will be available for all platforms of old and new generation. However, we still don’t know the price official for versions next gen.

GTA Trilogy: The official launch of the trilogy is set for November 11th

The company hasn’t released any videos yet gameplay, if not a short announcement trailer. We remain confident on the quality, given the premises that you can read on page official of the trilogy. The study is also involved in the project Grove Street Games, responsible for several porting per mobile of some GTAs. Therefore, a following release of the collection also for mobile. At this point, let’s just wait for you to see the game in action. After all, theNovember 11th it’s not that far.

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