GTO: trailer, cast e data d’uscita del live action

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You are about to immerse yourself again in the world of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) with a special live action that combines the past with the present, let’s discover the release date together

If you are an avid fan of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), get ready for an exciting rematch! The GTO Revival official X (Twitter) profile recently released a promotional bombshell that is sending waves of excitement among fans. This live-action television special promises to bring back the nostalgic magic ofadattamento manga del 1998 di Tohru Fujisawa. The story of the new special sees Onizuka assigned as a teacher to the Sōtoku Academy, currently tormented by a popular online influencer who reveals the secrets of students and faculty. Everyone in the school becomes suspicious of each other, thinking that the influencer is someone who studies or works there. The trailer is available by following this link.

GTO: trailer, cast e data d'uscita del live action

GTO, live action: cast, previews and release date

In the newly released promotional video, we get some previews of the revisited one Sōtoku Academy, along with an introduction to new faces. Shinya Kote plays Takeshi Fujiyamada, the blunt director. Sae Okazaki plays Miyu Ayahara, the charismatic Japanese history teacher and tutor of Sōtoku’s class 3-1. Kōsuke Suzuki is Kōichi Ichikawa, Suzuka’s father and politician running for election to the Japanese lower house. Mei Hata as Rin Endō, a student in class 3-1 whose family unit has been targeted by an influencer. Rikako Yagi as Suzuka Ichikawa, honor student of class 3-1. Wataru Hyūga plays Haruto Uno, a student who gets a baseball scholarship but can no longer play due to injury.

The long-awaited special will air on April 1st on Kansai TV, Fuji TV and their affiliates. Takashi Sorimachi returns to the title role Eikichi Onizuka. We can’t wait to revisit Onizuka’s adventures and find out what secrets will be revealed in Sōtoku Academy.

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