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Guardian Tales: the new event dedicated to Slayers arrives

Here comes a new crossover event between Guardian Tales, an action role-playing game developed by Kong Studios, and Slayers NEXT, a popular Japanese anime series.

On Guardian Tales comes the world of Slayers

The characters of the universe Slayersthe famous anime franchise, arrives on the mobile game Guardian Tales with a new crossover event. We can then find Lina Inverse, an adolescent sorceress who fights with all her might against the evil forces of the Nightmare Lord. A new playable character then, who together with his partner Gourry Gabriev officially arrives in game. In addition, Gourry will have his exclusive weapon at his disposal.

The whole thing will unfold through two new stories focused with a series of missions and submissions to complete. Moreover Xellos also arrives from 8 March, a mysterious priest who will join the playable characters already introduced. Finally numerous other characters from the world of Slayers will appear in the game as NPCs.

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