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Good Game: 3 tournaments to train with Gi Group

Gi Group, in collaboration with 2WATCH, launches “Good Game, boost your future”, the initiative that brings the world of gaming closer to that of work. The group is among the first players in the national job market to compete with the universe of eSports by promoting 3 tournaments to guide and sensitize young people to the world of work

The world of Gaming in Italy is growing dramatically, over 2 billion in annual turnover and a growth of 21.9% in 2021. Furthermore, the export movement records a turnover of 45 million euros with a growth potential from do not underestimate. For this Gi Groupin partnership con 2WATCHdecided to give life to “Good Game, Boost your future”, the initiative to intercept Generation Z and Gamers. This initiative aims to bring the world of Gaming closer to that of work, and sees Gi Group as one of the first players in the national labor market to compete with the Esports world. This will take place through the promotion of 3 tournaments to guide and sensitize young people to the world of work.

Gi Group and 2Watch launch the “Good Game, Boost your future”

Streaming platforms and the new TV concept are used by Generation Z and digital creators not only for Gaming. To date, we also talk about sport, politics, culture, education, socialization, music and events. The gaming experience therefore becomes an instrument of expression and allows young people to develop a series of skills that can also make a difference in the world of work. “Good Game, Boosta your future” is the initiative ready to help gamers and Gen Z to take advantage of the big changes that have been taking place in recent years in the Italian export scene and beyond.

The world of work and Gaming are two areas that are much more similar than you think. To confirm this, the development and consolidation of certain Soft Skills, matured “In Game”, which then prove to be distinctive elements for the entry and success of future professionals in the world of work. Just think of skills such as teamwork, stress management, strategy setting, or leadership. Furthermore, new professions are emerging, offering numerous job opportunities for the youngest, who can thus combine passion and professional experience. The aim of this initiative is precisely to support the professionals of the future in identifying professional opportunities with a language close to them, that of games; hence the claim “Boost your future”. We are therefore proud to announce our collaboration with 2WATCH.

These are the words of Elena Senses, Gi Group Marketing Director. Then followed by the comment by Fabrizio PerroneCEO of 2WATCH, a company that has long been part of the OIES circuit.

Good Game: 3 tournaments to train with Gi Group

We strongly believe that video games can contribute to the development of skills and competences that young people can offer in the job market. Now playing video games is no longer a simple hobby but a condition in which the user develops social relationships, interacts with evolved dynamics often in a foreign language, creates his own identity and authority towards the group of playmates and always measures himself against tests. more difficult. We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Gi Group which has allowed us to offer our audience concrete possibilities to improve their professional future “.

The “Good Game” initiative is a 360 ° Brand Experience based on training and orientation contents designed specifically for Gamers. The tournaments of Fifa 22, Fortnite e Clash Royale will be animated by the Casting of 3 exceptional talents. They will have the opportunity to get involved, improve their tactical and strategy skills, produce valuable content and develop leadership, interpersonal relationships and stress management skills.

These factors can both favor the discovery of one’s talent and enhance those skills that make a candidate attractive on the market. Gi Group will be giving away for all participants an orientation video interview with a branch recruiter For the 26 finalists there will be a Career Coaching path with an expert from Intoo, the Gi Group company leader in career development and transition services, aimed at defining one’s professional future. The three winners will also win a gaming chair NACON.

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