Guns Undarkness: the trailer for the new game by Shoji Meguro, composer of Persona

In the Indie Live Expo Winter 2021, Guns Undarkness, the new game by Shoji Meguro, composer of Persona music, was announced

The Indie Live Expo Winter 2021 was held today November 6, a Japanese event dedicated to the creators of indie titles from all over the world. A few days ago it was known as Shoji Meguro, the author of iconic music of the Persona series, had left Atlus to create something independent. Among the related news there was also his presence during this online conference, foreshadowing the announcement of the title he has been working on for some time. Finally, it’s time to go and see Shoji Meguro’s new game, which will be called Guns Undarkness.

Guns Undarkness, the new game from Shoji Meguro

At the conference, a first trailer of this new game was shown, totally developed by MegaRock, or the pseudonym of Shoji Meguro: Guns Undarkness is a game of stealth character, combined with mechanics from JRPG. In fact, two parts can be identified that make up the gameplay of the game: the first is based on typical features of the stealth genre, with covers present on the battlefield and the introduction into the antagonist territory, while the second will launch on a turn-based combat already known in the Japanese RPGs he worked on, and which will be managed through the use of commands.

Approaching an enemy undetected will give an advantage at the start of the fight, and the player’s goal is to reach the opposite side of the enemy zone while managing their resources. As main weapons you will have guns and assault rifles, also by defeating the enemies you will receive materials with which to customize your equipment. The story is set in 2045, in a world ravaged by nuclear war; the protagonist will belong to a Private Military Company (PMC), participating in missions together with his companions. It will be precisely in the battlefield that they will realize what “true love” is that will direct humanity towards a higher plane of existence.

Among the artists involved in the project there are Lotus Juice to songwriting and the well-known Russian designer Ilya Kushinov to design the characters. A precise release date has not yet been provided, except that it is scheduled for 2023. Keep following us on for more gaming news, and check out the Instant Gaming store for new games at a good price.

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