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Hacker attack against Ukraine: Darktrace’s comment

If the invasion of Ukraine seems (for now) to be out of the future plans of the Russian military, there is another possible war on the horizon and this time hackers are involved. It is, in fact, a digital war. The Government of Ukraine has, in fact, announced that it has been hit by a cyber attack. The sites of the Ministry of Defense and two public banks were hit by yet another DDoS attack.

Ukraine still under cyber attack

A hacker attack on Ukrainian government sites was also recorded last January, just weeks before the situation became even more tense along the Russian-Ukrainian borders. At least for now, the perpetrators of the new hacker attack have not been identified. The component authorities will continue the investigation. To analyze the delicate situation we record the intervention of Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence & Analytics di Darktrace.

Darktrace’s comment

According to the expert, locate the guilty of this attack is not easy and scontato. Fier emphasizes: “This attack could have been launched, for example, by someone who wants to take advantage of the already extremely tense situation in Ukraine”. At the source of this attack, therefore, could be any cybercriminal and not necessarily someone directly connected to Russia.

Note that Fier also comments on the choice to carry out a DDoS attack: “These unsophisticated attacks are relatively easy to mitigate but cybercriminals know that such an incident will make headlines, sparking global controversy without doing enough damage to provoke a cyber counter-attack reaction.”

Furthermore, for the future, it is necessary to pay the maximum attention to possible new attacks. The Darktrace expert points out: “The IT industry had already warned the market about the possibility of an imminent attack on financial systems and until more details emerge, all organizations will need to pay close attention to the alerts raised by their own. governments and institutions. “

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