Hades: console version available, here is the launch trailer

The highly acclaimed and beloved (also by us) Hades, roguelike of Supergiant Games, has finally landed on last and current generation consoles: let’s see together the launch trailer

Our review of the console version of Hades has been available since yesterday, you can find it by clicking here. Exactly as said in the one dated February for Nintendo Switch, the Supergiant Games title is a hymn to roguelikes, to the style and eccentricity of a development house that has been able to be loved, albeit with (many) ups and (few) lows , since his first video game, Bastion. In short, now that Hades has also arrived on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (and in the latter two cases pure su Game Pass), you no longer have any rational reason not to give Zagreus and his escape from the Underworld a chance.

Zagreus is the little-known son of Hades who, in full crisis and adolescent rebellion, will decide to try to escape from the Kingdom of the Dead to reach the surface, the world of men. Actually, the prince’s motifs are deeper and less banal, but we don’t want to spoil anything for you (although they are revealed in the very first hours of the game). To celebrate the release on current and last generation consoles, Supergiant Games has released a new launch trailer, which you can find right below.

Hades also lands on consoles: here is the launch trailer!

If you mix captivating art design and storytelling with a practically perfect gameplay from every point of view, you will find in your hands that great little jewel that is Hades. Hours and hours of fun, action and tactics await you next to a protagonist whose appearance may not tell you much, but whom you will learn to love.

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