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Haier Washpass, the first Design Week subscription washing machine

Haier is the number 1 brand in the world in the large household appliances sector. It will be the protagonist of the Milan Design Week 2023 with Washpassthe first high-tech washing machine which revolutionizes the market by offering extraordinary innovations and a new exclusive business model. Washpass is in fact the first household appliance available on subscription that relies on Artificial Intelligence and Disaggregated Chemistry to achieve up to 70% washing performance at home, reducing the consumer’s commitment to a minimum and avoiding any waste of detergents, water and energy.

The Washpass AI guest of the Vanity Fair Social Garden on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023

Washpass will be a guest of the Vanity Fair Social Garden in via Bergognone, from 18 to 23 April. The theme of the 2023 edition is the active change: We Can Be Heroes. Therefore, there could not have been a better location for Haier in this edition of the Milan Design Week. People’s habits are changing, the management of personal time is a priority, such as making use of highly performing services that do not impact the environment. In this context we can all be heroes and contribute to change.

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The subscription according to the desired washes

Washpass is not just a hyper-technological and connected class A washing machine for maximum energy efficiency, but a new professional washing experience available by subscription which allows you to choose between three available plans, depending on the number of washes you want.

Once subscribed, you will receive the washing machine and the first supply of Active Ingredients, which represent an absolute exclusive Never designed for Haier, directly at home. The subscription includes the necessary detergents and refills, which will arrive at your home (Washpass will take care of the reordering), as well as assistance and maintenance for the entire duration of the subscription.

Washpass can be managed completely fromapp hOn, the digital platform that guides the Group’s home appliances, which suggests the best performing programs with respect to the type of garment inserted and programs machine start-up at the most appropriate moment with respect to energy costs and the weather.

What is Disaggregated Chemistry

The detergents created by Nuncas, already inserted in the machine, take advantage of a process called Disaggregated Chemistry. All the raw materials used in the cleaning sector have been divided into four main ingredients which, with each wash, are mixed and dosed by the selected program based on the amount of laundry, the type of fabric and the level of dirt.

This way, it is possible maximize the performance of each ingredient and therefore the overall washing effectiveness avoiding any waste, unlike what happens in traditional washing or conventional self-dosing.

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