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The wheel of fortune that appeals to online players

A game that is simple to understand, that of Crazy Time live, and fun to play which, over the years, continues to involve players of all ages and genders

The wheel of fortune is a format that has been popular for years and never tires: from the most famous television programs to casino games, in fact, its eternal fortune crosses generations who continue to seek it to have fun and brighten their free time. It is precisely because of this that, even today, online casinos also offer different formulas of this same game, continuing to find great appreciation from the public.

An example of this is Crazy Time live, an online game show which, with the famous spinning wheel, re-proposes the much-loved television format of the most famous television quizzes. The undisputed protagonist of the game is obviously a vertical wheel, made up of 54 segments, each containing a number (1, 2, 5 or 10) which corresponds to a win or to the start of a bonus round. To win, the player must guess on which segment the wheel will stop at the end of the spin.

But how to play Crazy Time live?

To enjoy this colorful and surprising timeless game that fascinates many online players and, above all, allows you to win interesting sums, it is obviously necessary to have a game account on the site: it will therefore be enough to access it or create one. Once inside, simply search for the game and select it. At this point, you are asked to place your bet by choosing the segment on which you think the wheel will end its turn: once the games have closed (therefore, when the time available to place your bets is over) the presenter, as in the TV quiz, it will spin the wheel and at the same time start the two-reel Top Slot game, which determines a random multiplier for an equally random bet position, whether it’s a number or a Bonus:

  • If the bet position and multiplier line up on the central horizontal line then a winning combination is created and the bonus is awarded at the current bet position;
  • Otherwise the game will proceed normally, without a multiplier.

When the wheel of the main game has stopped, if it touches the chosen segment, the win will be multiplied by the Top Slots multiplier, in the case of numbered bet positions, while in the case of Bonus bet positions the multiplier won in the game is multiplied Bonus with the multiplier of Top Slots.

The player wins when the Crazy Times wheel lands on the numbered or Bonus section they previously bet on. The prize is multiplied if the multiplier has been awarded to the selected bet position.

The value of the winnings coincides with the number of the winning segment: the number 5 pays 5 to 1, the 10, 10 to 1 and so on: in the event of a win, the value of the bet placed is added to that of the prizes.

A game that is simple to understand, that of Crazy Time live, and fun to play which, over the years, continues to involve players of all ages and genders precisely because of its characteristics: no mathematical or logical skills are needed, nor in-depth studies… certainly the blindfolded goddess can put a hand in it; therefore, a good dose of intuition and luck could make all the difference!