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Half of Italians play video games, the Wallapop survey

Italians love video games: beyond 29 million compatriots, half of the adult population, even occasionally play ai video gamesaccording to the latest analysis by wallapop. In fact, on its second-hand platform it sees a lot of traffic for old consoles from retro gaming enthusiasts. So much so that the company even launched its first online game recently.

Wallapop: half of Italians play video games

Not only are there many gamers, they are also attentive to sustainability. Indeed Wallapop has revealed that about 14 million Italians who play bought at least once a console or a second-hand game.

In the world of gaming there are more men than women (39.5% against 34% of women), especially young people: 45% are between 25 and 34 years old. They often reside in the Northwest (43%) and many gamers they often play. 37% do it every day, over 4 million three or more times a week.

Wallapop app Videogames min

They often buy online, but thrift shops and flea markets are also often used. In fact, in addition to the 1 million who buy second hand, over 9.5 million sell gaming products. The main driver without a doubt is the saving (54%), but as many as 5 million (2/3 of the interviewees) did so also thinking about the environment.

This explains why many use Wallpop to purchase in the category Consoles and Video Gameswhich this year saw a 146% increase in listings. The most loved games are Open World (37.9%) and “retro games” (34.6%)the latter especially for the nostalgic over 35s.

Recently, Wallpop also launched his first video game, Pop-Man by Wallapop. Which allows you to find vintage treasures and has registered over 15 thousand players (some of which have made over 91 thousand points). In short: gaming remains a passion for many and the second hand allows you to rediscover truly unique retro gaming treasures.

Find more information and lots of offers on the Wallapop website.

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