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How much are Game Boy, Nokia 3310 and PS1 worth today?

Ebuyer has calculated the prezzo they could have adjusted for 2022 inflation six electronic devices that have made history.

Hidden Treasures: How Much Are These Six Iconic Electronic Devices Worth Today?

Ebuyer is the largest independent retailer of electronic devices in the United Kingdom and took six iconic gadgets and devices that have gone down in history, calculating their current value if inflation was taken into consideration and how much they would be worth from a collecting point of view.

In particular, the research was based on these devices, whose name alone will make you take a dip back into the past decades:

  • Nokia 3310 – original price 160 dollars; price calculated from inflation $350; Collector’s item value $40.
  • PlayStation 1 – original price 299 dollars; inflation-calculated price $783; value of the collector’s item $9,000.
  • Fotocamera Polaroid – original price 99 dollars; price calculated from inflation $450; value of the collector’s item $150,000.
  • Sony Walkman – original price 150 dollars; inflation-calculated price $570; value of the collector’s item $3,200.
  • Nintendo Game Boy – original price $69.99; price calculated from inflation $150; value of the collector’s item $15,000.
  • IBM Model 5150 – original price $1,500; inflation-calculated price $4,600; value of the collector’s item $2,900.

Iconic Devices: Nokia 3310the indestructible

We are talking about a cell phone that has become a legend and which, 23 years after its release on the market (1999) still continues to be talked about thanks to an incredible roundup of memes on the Internet.

The Nokia 3310 was one of the best sellers of the Finnish company, outselling 126 million units. The initial price on the market was $160, but they calculate a value with the current inflation of 2022, today it would cost $350. But don’t worry: it’s actually possible to buy it in good condition for $40.

PlayStation 1what memories!

It is what Sony has called the “first console for adults”, trying to conquer the market share of gamers of the 90s in a direct clash with Nintendo. And with games like Crash Bandicoot e Spyrothe PlayStation 1 was not only a blockbuster, but continues to hold a fond memory for gamers of almost 30 years ago.

Released in the UK in 1995 at a price of $299, today it would cost $783, almost $300 more than the PlayStation 5, which launched at $499.

However, with respect to the Nokia 3310, there is bad news for collectors: some have paid $9,000 for a “PlayStation 1 – 10 milion edition“, an edition created to celebrate the 10 million global sales of the “Play” with only 100 units produced.

Fotocamera Polaroidinflation in 2022 would almost triple its value

We’re probably talking about most iconic camera everwhich has enabled billions of people to take snapshots of their lives quickly and easily.

The Polaroid camera has made history so much that 40 years later there are digital and modern reproductions and apps and smartphones that have attempted to replicate the effect off-color of the films.

First released in 1977, the Polaroid had a retail price of $99, which would be $450 today. The collectible value is almost invaluable: a rara Polaroid 20×24 of the 70s (only six were produced) it would cost us 150.000$.

Iconic Devices: Sony walkman

We owe a lot to the Walkman: in addition to theintroduction of headphonesallowed music to become portable in a very small size and laid the foundations for what would later become the CD players they iPod.

First released in 1979, the Sony Walkman retailed for around $150, which would be $570 today. The most expensive model, the Segnature Series Walkman Digital Music Playerhits a figure around $3,200.

Ninentendo Game Boy, a piece of childhood

Much older than the PlayStation 1, the Game Boy has graced the afternoons and childhoods of many of us, making gaming portable for the first time. A best seller of the 90s, the Nintendo, when it was released in 1989, cost $69.99, which today would translate into $150 with inflation in 2022. On the other hand, the very modern Nintendo Switch Lite is sold at a price of $ 299.99.

For collectors who covet the Pokémon Game Boy Advance SP Charizard Editionthe price tends to rise enormously: a copy in perfect condition has been sold for $15,000.

IBM Model 5150, in 2022 inflation would drive it to over double its value

Pioneer of personal computers, the IBM 5150 was a start point for all of today’s computer manufacturers. Sold in 1981 at an introductory price of $1,500, today it would be worth around $4,600. A collector could pay $2,900 for one in good condition.

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