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Half of the Italians do not sell the old smartphone

We do not know if it is for emotional reasons or a passion for accumulation, but the Italians do not want to get rid of their old cell phone. In fact, one in two Italians refuses to sell their smartphoneaccording to research by Kantar commissioned by Swappie. Preferring “to have a stock” (which is difficult to use) rather than recover a few euros more.

One in two Italians does not want to sell their smartphone, according to Swappie

The research, conducted from March to April 2022 on a sample of a thousand people, shows that in Italy we struggle to free ourselves from outdated technology. Over half of the interviewees, indeed i two thirds (66%) prefer to have a smartphone last. Although a third of them has never used it. And a quarter (23%) have no intention of selling their old cell phone, period.

Although many try to declutter clothes or furniture, we are not there yet in the technological field. Think that only 12% of Italians have been able to sell their old smartphone. 31% don’t sell it although it doesn’t work properly. Often because there is a lack of knowledge on how to do it.

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Of the few who sell, only 21% use online stores, while 26% do so in physical stores. But the higher percentage (37%) pass it on to family and friends.

Elena Garbujo, Country Manager Italy of Swappie, comments: “If it is difficult to intervene on the most affective decisions, on the subject of education it is possible to sensitize the user and help him make this decision, freeing up space in his drawers and also doing something good for the our planet. Deciding to sell your smartphone not only helps to make order, but gives the device the possibility of having a second life and, when this is not possible, it allows its correct recycling, avoiding wasting resources of raw materials to produce new devices “.

However, selling the smartphone is a choice not only convenient, but also responsible: in this way we are sure it will not end up polluting. And with free device and packaging shipping and the big fast, Swappie makes it easy to do.

And in this period also convenient. After selling your smartphone here, check out the offers on the Back to School site. You can find iPhone 8 from 149 euros, the SE 2020 from 199 euros and iPhone 11 from 339 euros.

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