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Halloween 2023: five films to watch on Netflix

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and on the occasion of the scariest holiday of the year we want to show you five suitable films on Netflix

The origin of the name could be All Hallows’ Eve, which means All Saints’ Eve, and Halloween actually falls on the eve of November 1st, the day dedicated to all saints. The fact is that with the passage of time the anniversary has taken on different meanings, ending up becoming above all nowadays an opportunity to carve the inevitable pumpkins, wear more or less scary disguises and tell horror stories or perhaps watch them on TV. So what better occasion than Halloween to watch a horror film on the platform par excellence Netflix. Let’s see together a list of five films for the occasion.

The Corpse Bride | The best films on Netflix for Halloween 2023

If you loved Nightmare before Christmas there isn’t much to add about the animated film directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson. The film is animated, like its predecessor, in a mixture of 2D, 3D and stop motion and like it is set in dark and at the same time grotesque atmospheres. Voices and personalities of the protagonists are those of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter ed Emily Watsonwhile the music is obviously signed by Danny ElfmanBurton’s trusted collaborator.

Victor will marry Victoria blindly, he is the son of enriched bourgeois, she of decayed nobles. At the wedding rehearsal Victor reveals all her clumsiness but Victoria falls in love with him anyway, reciprocated. The young man takes refuge in the woods to practice the marriage formula, and taken by the emphasis he puts the ring on a branch that emerges from the ground. The branch is actually the finger of Emily, her corpse bride, who now claims Victor as her legitimate husband. In Victoria, meanwhile, her parents have already found a new husband, the mysterious Lord Barkis. Comparisons aside, Corpse Bride is a new pearl that Tim Burton has added to his filmographyanother gift to 40-year-olds who were afraid of the dark as children.

Welcome to Zombieland | The best films on Netflix for Halloween 2023

The world is invaded by zombies, the population has been almost totally decimated and the few survivors struggle to remain so. Columbus in particular has developed a series of rules to be followed scrupulously that seem to keep him alive despite thecertainly not the appearance of a man of action. On the other hand, the one who goes well with action is Tallahassee (everyone is called by the name of the city of origin as in war), a timeless cowboy exalted byend of the world atmosphere and proud zombie slayer. On their way to a supposedly zombie-free West they will find Little Rock and Wichita, two sisters who are anything but defenseless and also in disarray. The film had a success unexpected in the United States, to the point that the producers immediately got to work making the sequel which, however, didn’t exactly meet expectations.

It | The best films on Netflix for Halloween 2023

October 1988, in the town of Derry, little Georgie leaves home in the rain to sail the paper boat prepared for him by his older brother Billy, forced home by the flu. The little boat flows along the streams along the sidewalks, but ends up in a drain that leads to the sewer system and when he bends down to look into the slit he meets the gaze of the bizarre clown who lives in the sewers, Pennywise. Georgie entertains him until the clown bites him and captures him, taking him down with him. And he is not the only child to disappear in those months.

Stephen King’s novel, perhaps his masterpiece, is a monumental work that contains many of the typical themes of the Maine writer. Preeminent among these is that ofsincere friendship, of the strength transmitted by the bond that is formed as children and which generates a solidarity stronger than anything, such as to allow us to face seemingly impossible trials. Andy Muschietti tries to keep faith with this aspect through the presentation of the characters and their problems, both the “natural” ones (the bullies) and the “supernatural” ones (Pennywise), which they find themselves facing alone thanks exclusively to their mutual solidarity, in the absence of any valid support from the adults, incapable, distracted or even harmful.

The babysitter | The best films on Netflix for Halloween 2023

A little boy is left home alone under the control of a young and exuberant babysitter. During the night the girl invites some of her friends but something unexpected happens. The boy will have to survive the madness of a group of young people in disarray.

AND fun, The Babysitter, if only for a crafted slasher style that closely resembles Chucky or Army of Darkness, even if the horror tension is constantly and heavily mitigated by comedy. We are talking about a title that it wants to be a B movie without ambition, in which a story that is decidedly bare of content is told and plays with the canons of the home alone style of Home Alone and with the stylistic features of horror, exploiting the most well-known clichés, such as the protagonists. Pleasant to spend an evening.

A ghost in the house | The best films on Netflix for Halloween 2023

The story of A Ghost in the House has one of the most classic incipits ever: as soon as they moved to the new house in Illinois, Frank (Anthony Mackie) and his family meet an unwanted and surprising roommate from beyond the grave (David Harbour). The first to meet him and become friends is his younger son, Kevin (Jahi Winston), a reserved and introverted boy with a great passion for music. This deep empathy helps him not to fear Ernst, who even if he tries to scare him, only manages to make him laugh. In fact he is not a ghost like many others, neither terrifying nor fascinating. Indeed, he is perhaps the least glamorous or iconic spirit you can think of: a middle-aged man with a carry on his head, with a reassuring face and a very un-chilling bowling shirt.

A Ghost in the House is a pleasant and overall smooth horror comedy that arrives precisely for the occasion of Halloween 2023. It is a relative of many other feature films, from Casper to The Ghost of the Pirate Blackbeard, where the figure of the spirit is reversed to build around it fun and emotion. The most original idea is to deprive Ernst of his voice and leave Harbor’s interpretation solely to physical and facial expressiveness, essentially looking back at slapstick comedy but inserted in a decidedly different genre context.


There is no shortage of choices, the Netflix catalog is enormous both in terms of films and TV series. There is therefore no shortage of horror or non-horror choices, classics, moderns and so on and so forth to spend Halloween having fun in front of a good film. Let us know your opinion on the best Halloween movie to watch on Netflix in the comments!

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