Halloween also arrives on Niantic games: Pokémon Go!, Pikmin Bloom and MH Now

Halloween arriva anche sui giochi Niantic: Pokémon Go!, Pikmin Bloom e MH Now thumbnail

Halloween is the most awaited holiday by fans of thrills and fun, and smartphone games Niantic Inc.the Californian software house specializing in AR technologies, are ready to offer special events for all tastes.

Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom and Monster Hunter Now are the three applications that will offer themed challenges, surprises and prizes for their players. Let’s see in detail what awaits us.

Halloween on Niantic games

Pokémon Go!

The popular game that allows you to capture and train Pokémon in the real world could not be missed at the Halloween party. This year, in fact, Trainers will be able to meet some of the most famous Pokémon in costume, such as Zorua, the Bad Fox Pokémon, who will hide a surprise. Furthermore, it will be possible to experience a new way of playing with your friends: Group Play, which will allow you to share fun experiences and complete new challenges.

Pikmin Bloom

Daily walks become real adventures with cute Pikmin, with a spooky event ending on October 31st. It will be possible to meet the Halloween Pumpkin decorated Pikmin and the new Halloween Candy decorated Pikmin, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Additionally, there will be new costumes for your Mii to dress up in theme with the party.

Monster Hunter Now

The game that brings monster hunting to augmented reality doesn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with a unique style. In fact, until October 31st, hunters will be able to wear the Pumpkin Head armor, exclusive equipment for the occasion, and face the Kulu-Ya-Ku with pumpkin-shaped stones. Plus, there will be exclusive packs that include special carving knives to add to the spooky fun.

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