Telegram: le novità dell’ultimo aggiornamento thumbnail

Telegram: what’s new in the latest update

Telegram: what's new in the latest thumbnail update

With the latest update, Telegram has introduced some features that make it even more versatile and customizable. Let’s see what the main innovations are.

All the news from the latest Telegram update

  • Reply Revolution: this is a new way of replying to messages, which allows you to select a specific part of the text to which you want to reply. In this way, the context and meaning of the conversation can be made clearer.
  • Formatting citations: You can highlight any line of text with a quote effect, which makes it appear as if it were in quotation marks. This feature can be useful for reporting someone’s words or to emphasize a concept.
  • Customizable link previews: Telegram was the first app to show link previews in a detailed way, with images and texts. Now, users have more control over previews, being able to choose the size of the media, the location of the preview (above or below the message), and which link to preview (if there is more than one). Furthermore, to open links just touch the preview area, without having to click on the link itself.
  • Forward, reply and link: Telegram has added new tabs that make it easier to forward messages, insert links into a reply, or combine both actions. This allows you to easily move discussions from one chat to another or reply to someone privately.
  • Account colors and icons: Users can now customize their account with a color or color scheme of their choice. The chosen color is reflected on the user’s name in all groups, on the links sent and on the replies. Furthermore, you can select an icon that acts as a background for messages, creating a pattern effect.
  • Forward and rewind of stories: You can now advance or rewind stories by holding down the screen and sliding your finger left or right. This allows you to skip the less interesting parts or review the more entertaining ones.
  • Front flash: for those who love taking selfies, Telegram has added the ability to adjust the heat and intensity of the front flash. This way, you can get brighter and more natural photos.
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