Halo Championship Series: The esports tournament will take place without an audience

Il torneo eSportivo ufficiale di Halo si svolgerà senza pubblico: troppi casi Covid thumbnail

The upcoming Halo Championship Series, an eSport tournament dedicated to the famous video game, will take place entirely in virtual mode due to growing concerns about COVID-19 infections.

Also Halo Championship Series victim of Covid: the tournament will take place online

The news arrives via Twitter and confirms the negative trend for major events, forced to cancel the planned events in attendance. After Grammy’s, the Sundance Film Festival and E3, the growing number of infections from Covid leads to the reorganization of theHalo Championship Series, eSport tournament dedicated to the famous title of 345 Industries. In particular, it is the Regional Final stage scheduled in Anaheim, California that pays the price.

Of particular concern are the cases in the state of California, which currently counts an average of just over 43,000 COVID cases per day. The eSports team at Halo states that safety is a priority, and that future organizations in attendance will be evaluated according to local regulations.

“The safety of the Halo community, as well as our staff, is and will always be the top priority. We will take further measures on site in Anaheim to ensure the highest level of safety, while also aligning ourselves with local regulations ”.

In the end the tweet notifies users that further updates will be released on January 14.

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