IPod Shuffle goes viral on TikTok

L'iPod Shuffle diventa virale su TikTok thumbnail

Fans of music and Apple devices will hardly forget theiPod Shuffle second generation. Released about 15 years ago, it was one of the most successful hi-tech gadgets since, and is now reliving a second moment of glory on TikTok. Recently, in fact, the iPod has returned to the limelight on the famous Chinese social network, along with many other retro objects. Apparently, then, the Millennials seem to be attracted to vintage gadgets. And not only them, mind you.

iPod Shuffle: The Apple gadget is back in fashion on TikTok

Just a few weeks ago, TikTok users started sharing content wearing the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle as a hair clip. More specifically, users have used the Apple device not only as a beauty accessory, but also as a real music player (complete with wired earphones). Just do a search on TikTok to realize how much the iPod Shuffle has become a real trend on the platform. In the list of results, the first video that stands out is that of @sailorkiki, which has accumulated over 2 million views it’s almost 350000 Like.

And that’s not all. According to reports from Newsweek, Millennials are enjoying sharing content on TikTok without really knowing what an iPad Shuffle is. Clearly, these statements were answered by more adult users, who underlined a significant generation gap. On the other hand, it is quite evident that Apple devices regain success as they become obsolete. It will be the passion for vintage, or the impossibility of having the device available. On the other hand, the company withdrew the reader in 2017, so it has only been on the market for five years. Enough to miss it.