Halo Infinite: confirmed the release in 2021

The 343 Industries development team has confirmed that Halo Infinite is still slated for release in 2021

During the latest edition of E3, Microsoft and 343 Industries announced that the release of Halo Infinite it had been set for 2021 and, more specifically, for the holiday season. Although the official release date has not yet been announced, the distributor and developer are still unsure of be able to respect as previously announced. To reassure fans of the franchise about their full involvement in the project, they recently released a statement about it.

Halo Infinite: the release is still scheduled for 2021

The fact that the exit date of Halo Infinite is still scheduled for 2021 was confirmed by Joseph Staten and Brian Jarrard, respectively head of creative and community director at 343 Industries. The two returned to the subject during a live on YouTube, organized to inform the public of the state of development of the new chapter of the Halo saga.

Particularly, Jarred stated:

I just wanted to reconfirm that, as we heard from Phil Spencer, who talked about it recently: this game definitely is [in arrivo durante le festività], we are working to release it during the holiday season.

This one instead the Staten statement:

This is absolutely correct. We are 100% committed to releasing both the campaign and our first season of free to play multiplayer during the holidays. We just need to fix a couple more details, but we will announce the actual release date very soon.

As for the Halo Infinite campaign, some of its details have recently been revealed thanks to a leak in the beta version of the title. As for multiplayer, there are still no certainties regarding the inclusion of the battle royale mode, although it seems likely that this, even if planned for the future, is not present in the game at the time of its launch.

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