Halo Infinite: denied the news about the lack of unlockable armor with the campaign?

Since Halo Infinite’s online multiplayer mode came out, all sorts of controversies have accompanied the title: one in particular, somewhat peculiar compared to others, is that the game’s campaign would not unlock wearable armor as cosmetics for multiplayer. Let’s explore the question below!

There are various issues on which the community of enthusiasts are fighting since the exit of the Halo Infinite’s online multiplayer mode. In fact, the game, in addition to having thrilled a large number of players (the idea of ​​making it was certainly helpful free-to-play), has also aroused less than enthusiastic reactions from a portion of the audience.

In particular, it seems to be mainly criticized aspects related to the lack of premiums in Battle Pass, which would not entice players to continue playing. Some of them in fact hoped that the Halo Infinite campaign, coming soon, allowed to unlock usable armor in multiplayer, however, which has been denied by some data miners. Let’s see below to deepen the story, and why the news seems to be false.

Halo Infinite: Is the news that the campaign does not unlock armor for multiplayer is false?

The original news, coming from the Halo Infinite subreddit, stated that data miners had found the list of unlockable items through the campaign, and that there were no armor among them. After various discussions, Gene Park of the Washington Post stated that this leak was fake. To support it was also arrived Paul Tassi of Forbes, who stated that even with only thanks to the preview (currently under embargo) they can safely deny the thing.

The software house 343 Industries has not yet commented on the story, so we do not have at this time official statements. It must be said that the development team has been very busy lately introducing ways to augment the reward content, not to mention the work that has been done so far with the singleplayer campaign, which has only recently entered the gold phase.

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