Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass quickly

With the launch of the multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite on Monday, players have found themselves having to deal with a rather slow battle pass: in this guide we will see how to level up faster

Halo Infinite will be released in just under a month, and Microsoft has already made it possible to experiment with the multiplayer of the 343 Industries title thanks to the beta of the game accessible on every system belonging to the company, such as Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Windows PC. Through a progression system implemented in the game, called battle pass, it will be possible to unlock customization items, boosts for the XP obtained and other useful elements to increase the experience obtained during the games.

However, some aspects of this battle pass appear penalize the players, who fail to level up fast enough in the Halo Infinite beta; let’s see which solutions can be used to solve these problems.

Multiplayer you go, battle pass you find

While the multiplayer mode itself has received a rather positive reception, the battle pass has created a lot of debate among users. By taking a look at posts on the Halo subreddit, you can see how the Infinite battle pass system is considered. definitely slow, making it really difficult to level up quickly or at a faster pace. The main reason lies in the methods of obtaining XP points based only on the completed challenges, such as playing specific modes, performing certain actions, making kills with certain weapons, rather than relying solely on the games played or the time spent in-game.

Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass quickly

Sweaty Cosmetics – Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass

Looking at the battle pass versions available, we can see how the two versions in which they occur significantly affect the amount of rewards and progress of challenges that we can get by playing: a first version, free for all players, allows you to unlock all the items indicated as “free”; the second version, defined as “premium”, will instead be purchasable, thus leaving the possibility of using additional items along with those already accessible for free.

Both passes have in common a maximum rank that reaches level 100, at least for the first season of Halo Infinite, and for this reason it will be necessary to try to climb your ranks quickly, in order to have the greatest possible advantages over the opponents. .

Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass quickly

The most accessible way is the hardest one – Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass

In reality, there are not a few options for quickly leveling up in Halo Infinite – one of the most immediate ways to do this is certainly use the various boosts of XP received as you rank up in the battle pass. Thanks to them it will be possible to proceed quite quickly in the progression of the system, paving the way for every cosmetic and interesting object with which to adorn your characters.

Another method you can use, in case you no longer have XP boosts, is the participate and finish the weekly challenges offered periodically: in them, very often, specific kills are requested with weapons or vehicles, in addition to participating in well-defined game modes. The challenges offered will be numerous and varied, and there will be a high probability of completing them unintentionally, simply by playing the title. The amount of XP that can be obtained varies according to the challenges, and completing some of them could also bring an extra 200 XP.

Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass quickly

Also play in longer-lasting and long-lasting modes it will be easier to accumulate XP: entering games with large teams such as “Total Control” will take a longer time to complete them, thus allowing you to receive a large number of XP while focusing on objectives and kills within the vast maps of Halo Infinite.

Finally, a viable alternative for players looking for experience is also the most classic one for multiplayer titles of recent years, namely theacquisition of XP boosts through real money, but we still suggest that you keep this choice as a last resort, and first take advantage of all the free options proposed in this guide.

Halo Infinite: how to level up in the battle pass quickly

Who wants to look beautiful …

These were therefore the methods that we can recommend to you to make it less tedious XP grinding activity and to level up your battle pass faster on Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, the times it takes to do this are what they are, and even if this system does not go to affect significant elements of the gameplay, however, it remains somewhat unfair and can be improved on many fronts. However, the 343 Industries development team wanted to let players know in recent days that they are monitoring the situation, and that in the future they will try to balance the progression of the battle pass based on the data collected during the beta.

Halo Infinite will officially release on December 8 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. Keep following us on our tutotteK website for more news, guides and reviews. In case you are interested in finding games at competitive prices, take a look at the Instant Gaming store.