Pragmata postponed to 2023

Capcom has officially confirmed that it has postponed Pragmata, its new science fiction title, to 2023

Capcom has proven to be a real steamroller when it comes to its historical IPs, such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry e Monster Hunter, which with the new releases have managed to surpass their predecessors in success, just look at the success of Village .. The Japanese giant, however, not only lives on the laurels of its past, but also has new titles currently in the works. Among these we find Pragmata, a new sci-fi IP announced last year, whose launch was tentatively scheduled for 2022. Unfortunately, however, as is increasingly the case, everything was postponed to the following year.

Pragmata has been postponed to 2023

As was to be expected, also given the lack of details released so far, the title will miss the launch window initially indicated, slipping to the following year. The confirmation came directly from the voice of Capcom itself, which through a post appeared on Twitter he explained that the decision was made to make the adventure narrated by the game truly unforgettable.

To console us in a small way for the disappointment, we thought a new artwork, which was attached later to the post that we propose immediately after the jump.

That Pragmata it could have been postponed, as just said, it was certainly not a difficult possibility to foresee, given that Capcom has been very quiet up to now around the game, spreading very little information. Among the latest news there was only the one that had confirmed the good progress of the works, which, however, evidently suffered some delays on the schedule.

At this point all that remains is to wait to understand when the game will finally be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC, and we at will not fail to keep you updated on it.

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