Halo Infinite: In-game purchases cost too much, fans complain

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As we know and we have had the opportunity to try first hand, the multiplayer sector of Halo Infinite was published in mode free to play, an increasingly popular formula in the current gaming market. However, many players are complaining about several problems with this setting, especially with regard to the prices of in-game purchases of Halo Infinite, judged by many to be too high.

Halo Infinite: is the price of in-game purchases too high?

In the subReddit dedicated to Halo Infinite some players are organizing a real strike, in an attempt to send a clear message to 343 Industries about too high prices. On the other hand, a few days ago the news that revealed the total cost of the paid packages of Season 1, which amounts to more than 1000 dollars in total.

The frustration of the users therefore seems partly justified, and it was to be expected that complaints would explode sooner or later. Some users are convinced that the software house will revise its tariff for in-game purchases immediately the debut of the first season, but many others are not of the same opinion, and seem more inclined to adopt drastic solutions such as precisely that of the purchase strike.

The controversy over in-game microtransactions is not a new phenomenon, however, given that most of the games that use them have seen this rejection at some point in their life cycle. Marvel’s Avengers recently made significant price changes in the in-game store. Destiny 2 introduced a micro-traction shop called Eververse, which offers new cosmetic items from skins to exclusive vehicles.

The store has remained, but Bungie has made significant price changes based on community feedback – the ideal solution is for Microsoft to opt for this kind of solution as well.

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