Halo Infinite: multiplayer director has left 343 Industries

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343 Industries Loses Halo Infinite Multiplayer Director; the reasons for the resignation have not yet been disclosed

Tom Frenchcreative director of multiplayer di Halo Infinite who worked on the franchise for over 11 years, has quit 343 Industries. French announced the news on Twitter, stating that he is leaving for “new adventures” but that he is very proud of the time spent alongside the Master Chief. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Halo Infinite: Parting words from Halo Infinite multiplayer creative director Tom French

“After more than 11 and a half years of Halo, today I put on my Spartan armor for the last time to go on new adventures,” said French. “It has been a huge honor to be a part of a video game franchise that I have loved so much as a gamer and admired so much as a developer. I couldn’t be more proud of my time at 343 Industries“.

French leaves 343 Industries after the big multiplayer Winter Update by Halo Infinite which added match- and performance-based XP, the Forge Mode beta, the official launch of the online co-op campaign and campaign replay, two new maps, a new battle pass, Covert One Flag game mode, and even more.

The Winter Update was undoubtedly an important moment for 343 Industries which has promised that it will continue to accommodate the community feedbackfocusing on shorter seasonsand smoother content flow and “more great things to come”.

Halo Infinite launched with a controversial multiplayer progression system, but French and the team have worked tirelessly to improve everything and provide players with the multiplayer experience they’ve been hoping for. While there is always work to be done, great strides have been made in this regard.

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